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Watch: ‘Ousted’ Mrs.Sri Lanka talks to police ; crown given back to original winner

The original winner of Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World crown Pushpika De Silva has reinstated been by the organizers of the pageant following an incident which unfolded on stage last night.

Chandimal Jayasinghe, the National Director for Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World said that Pushpika De Silva was not divorced as claimed on stage last night by Mrs. World and former Mrs. Sri Lanka Caroline Jurie.

Update : Reigning Mrs. World and former model were arrested for pageant brawl

Pushpika De Silva was seen talking to the Police after the incident as per videos circulating on social media:

Watch the original incident: Video : Major chaos reigns at Mrs.Sri Lanka pageant; crown removed from winner after alleged rule breach

Chaotic scenes imploded at the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World pageant held in Colombo last night with the crown being removed from the winner by Jurie.

Caroline Jurie was part of the judging panel and never raised any objections on Pushpika De Silva contesting until the final held last night, Mr Jayasinghe told reporters.

He also added that there is no documented evidence to back claims that Pushpika De Silva was divorced.

She said that even if she has any marital issues as of late, that is personal and cannot affect the final outcome as she is not divorced.

Jayasinghe also said that the whole incident has damaged the image of the pageant and that of Caroline Jurie.

Meanwhile, Pushpika De Silva issued a statement insisting that she is not divorced.

Pushpika De Silva is said filed a Police complaint over the incident.

She said that she has sought legal advice for the damage caused to her image at the pageant.

The judges had picked contestant number 20 Pushpika De Silva as the winner of Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World last night.

The winner was crowned by Caroline Jurie and was congratulated on stage by the Chief Guest, Shiranthi Rajapaksa, wife of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

However, Jurie later made an announcement saying the winner was divorced and cannot contest and so she has decided to crown the first-runner up as the new winner.

Jurie then removed the crown from the winner on stage and crowned the first-runner up as the new winner.

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