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Muslims should go back to their peaceful roots, ex PM Ranil was ‘soft’ in his approach – Sri Lanka Cardinal

Sri Lanka’s Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith addressing the media today debunked yesterday statement clarifying that he had not meant any local political factions in the country but pointed out international factions with political influence backing Wahabism in other nations.

In addition he went to to add that Muslims in Sri Lanka had lived peacefully among other communities and that it was wrong to label all Muslims due to the actions of a few extremists.

But he insisted that from among them due to international influences, some had taken into the extremist ideologies, specially Wahhabism, leaving the pure form of Islam.

He called upon the Muslims to leave the extreme forms of Islam as a gratitude to the thousand years of peaceful Islamic ideology and not let young children and communities be influenced into such extreme ideology and to live in peace with other communities.

Answering more media questions, he said the former PM Ranil Wickremsinghe was mentioned as ‘soft’ in approach in the PCO reports and hit back former President for not taking appropriate actions.

In continued to question the intention of Muslims MPs who voted for the 20th amendment when the leader of SLMC did not. He claimed that ‘deals maybe in place’ which will prevent a proper investigation into Easter attack to take place.

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