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Sri Lanka Muslim community leaders say unnecessary culture of fear propagated by certain media groups

Sri Lanks’s Muslim community leaders said that Muslims in Sri Lanka were being targeted and harassed and urged citizens not to target the Muslim community that vehemently condemned the “heinous” act.

Many prominent Muslim MPs and Muslim religious leaders in Sri Lanka organized a press conference to update the media on the current situation in the country, which was organized jointly by ACJU, Muslim MPs and civil societies, this morning.

ACJU’s President Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe said that it is ready to clarify the misconceptions on the Quran and life of Muslims in Sri Lanka to politicians and media institutions.

Muslim Council of Sri Lanka President N.M. Ameen says small and medium entrepreneurs are suffering greatly in the wake of the Easter Sunday terror attacks.


Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader and Minister Rauff_Hakeem said it’s clear that the country is slowly returning to normal. However, he added that an unnecessary culture of fear is being propagated by some media. If a search operation were conducted island wide, there will likely be more seizures of articles kept for protection. But the focus now happens to be on areas where Muslim live. Media has a role in portraying these with fairness, Minister Rauff Hakeem said.


The SLMC Leader called for fairness and sensitivity of the matter by all parties concerned including the media, pointing out that there were instances to club routine seizures of articles kept by some for self-defense, with weapons found with others suspected of aiding attackers and sensationalize search operations. This needed to be reported carefully to prevent unnecessary fear and disruptions.

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