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Repatriations to Sri Lanka to be reviewed as imported COVID-19 cases grow, death reported

A review of the process of repatriating Sri Lankans stranded overseas could be done soon after a number of returnees were found to have contracted the coronavirus according to health authorities.

Director-General of Health Services Dr Anil Jasinghe speaking to Media today said that the Government will review the frequency of bringing Sri Lankans back from overseas.

He said that with the latest developments it is likely that there will be a gap between flights bringing down Sri Lankans so that the authorities have time to deal with the returnees more closely.

SriLanka recorded the tenth COVID19 death this morning.The deceased is a 51-year-old female Kuwait returnee at the Trincomalee quarantine centre.

Nearly 80 recently arrived Sri Lankans have contracted the virus, increasing the number of Covid19 patients in Sri Lanka to 1148.

7 patients were identified today at 3 PM and all of them were Kuwait returnees. 56 Kuwait returnees identified yesterday as Covid19 patients.

More than 1000 Sri Lankans infected in Qatar, flight postponed

At least 1051 Sri Lankans based in Qatar have contracted Covid19 accroding to the Ministry of Health in Qatar.

Qatar has seen a spike of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks with more than 45,000 patients recorded to far,out of which 10,000 have recovered.

A flight scheduled to repatriate Sri Lankans from Doha was scheduled

According to the Sri Lankan Embassy figures in 2018, there were 140,000 Sri Lankans working in Qatar; around 79% of them are labourers and housemaids, while 21% are professionals/skilled workers.

With the Covid19 crisis in Qatar, thousands of Sri Lankan workers have appealed to Sri Lankan Government for evacuation.

Sri Lankan Embassy in Qatar in an email said that a scheduled flight from Doha to Srilanka was postponed until further notice, due to increased number of imported cases.

Embassy in Abu Dhabi closed recently

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE was recently closed has been closed.

The Foreign Ministry said the decision was reached after five embassy staff members tested positive for COVID-19.

“Due to an emergency, the embassy is temporarily closed until further notice,” the Sri Lankan Embassy said.

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