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More revelations by Aluthgamage- “People from our side as well who took money from Arjuna Mahendran”

Continuing from his bombshell allegations yesterday, former minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage, also claimed that people from his faction had benefitted financially from the central bank bond scam in 2015.

In what seems to be ‘part two’ of Newsline programme on News 1st interviewing Mr Aluthgamage, he that “there are people from our side as well who took money from Arjuna Mahendran”.

He pointed out that only the owners of companies were punished over the scam and that legal action is yet to be taken against several other perpetrators over the massive fraud.

The bond scam, that had taken place during the Good Governance government in 2015, had caused millions of losses to the government during the tenure of Arjuna Mahendran as central bank governor.

“Aloysius called many people who were in the Committee On Public Enterprises (COPE) who later wrote books as well. All of them took money from Aloysius,” the former minister noted.

Arjun Aloysius is one of the key suspects linked to the scam.

Aluthgamage alleged that out of the six members in the COPE out of which four had taken bribes.

He claimed that the investigations into the scam had been shut down by the former police chief and that the ruling faction would recommence the investigations in due course.

Mr Aluthgamage in a stunning revelation released yesterday during the Newsline programme on News 1st said 2011 Cricket World Cup final was fixed, prompting Sri Lankan cricket legends Kumar Sangakkara to demand evidence.

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