Rajinikanth U-Turn; announces not joining politics, cites health issue as ‘warning’

Two days after he was discharged from the hospital for severe blood pressure fluctuations, superstar Rajinikanth has said he will not be joining politics. “I see this health complication (hospitalisation) as a warning given to me by God,” the actor said in a statement issued on Tuesday, 29 December.

“Only I know the pain of announcing this decision,” he said, adding that he will serve people without entering electoral politics. The 70-year-old actor was expected to float his political party in January 2021, ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

His announcement comes after Rajinikanth was hospitalised on Christmas Day in Hyderabad after suffering from severe hypertension and exhaustion.

He was discharged two days later on 27 December with his doctors advising him to take complete bed rest for a week, maintain limited physician activity, avoid stress and abstain from undertaking activities that would put him at risk of contracting COVID-19.

The advisory was based on the superstar’s health history of being a post-transplant patient, having hypertension and considering his age.

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