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UK Police clash with LTTE linked protesters in Kenton

The British Police clashed with protesters carrying LTTE flags in Kenton.

Videos posted on social media showed the protesters confronting the Police when the Police attempted to disperse the protest yesterday (Sunday).

A heated exchange resulted in the protesters surrounding the Police when they attempted to arrest one man.

A video showed chaotic scenes in Kenton Road with attendees, many of whom were in masks, clashing with officers, with lots of screaming and shouting.

Some officers were armed with batons while one person was seen on the ground being detained by officers.

A woman, who looked in need of medical help, was spotted lying on the floor being seen to by an officer and members of the public.

Kenton this afternoon

There were chants of ‘we want justice’ with many holding and waving a Tamil flag – Tamil is an ethnic group native to Sri Lanka and other countries in Asia.

The Met says the crowds have now dispersed.

A Met Police spokespersons said: “Police attended a protest in Kenton Road, Harrow on Sunday, 14 March. Officers engaged with those present and they subsequently dispersed.

“One man was arrested at the scene but subsequently de-arrested.”

Scenes in Kenton

According to reports and comments on social media, the protesters are understood to have gathered in support of a woman called Ambihai Selvakumar, who is currently on hunger strike.

She is currently on her 16th day of strike action which is believed to be taking place in Kenton.

Ms Selvakumar is a director of the International Centre for the Prevention of Genocide (ICPPG) and is only having water. The British Tamil woman is hunger striking to demand Sri Lanka be referred to the International Criminal Court.

With her health deteriorating, there have been calls for the British government to respond and intervene, and more than 30,000 have signed a petition to ‘save Tamils by saving the life of Mrs Selvakumar’.

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