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Sri Lanka Telecom-Mobitel denies claims of spying on customers

Denying claims of spying on customers Sri Lanka Telecom-Mobitel issued a statement today, stating that there have been certain statements and malicious messages circulating on social media about the installation and propagation of a spyware. It claimed that SLT-Mobitel is complicit in an alleged unlawful activity meant to compromise the information of its customers.

Statement continues:

SLT-Mobitel categorically denies such allegations and considers the origination of these claims about the installation and propagation of a malicious spyware as absolutely baseless and defamatory.

“We sincerely assure every Sri Lankan that the company will not in any way engage in any activity that would compromise the trust placed in us by the nation,” SLT-Mobitel said.

The State owned company further said that it always operates in complete compliance with the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act and under the regulation of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL).

SLT-Mobitel said that as the National ICT and Telecommunications Service Provider, they place utmost priority in safeguarding customers’ privacy and retaining their trust at all times.

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