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‘Contestants in int’l pageant must be married’- Mrs World Org responds

Unprecedented chaotic scenes at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant in Colombo on Sunday night where the winner, Pushpika De Silva, was uncrowned by reigning Mrs World Caroline Jurie over allegations that she was a divorcee, the Mrs. World Organization yesterday responded saying delegates sent by Mrs. Sri Lanka-world to compete in the international pageant must be married, Daily Mirror reports.

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Mrs.World Organization said they were deeply disturbed and sincerely regretted the behavior of their current titleholder, as her actions went against the Mrs. Sri Lanka code of conduct and the predetermined regulations she is obliged to follow during her reign.

In an email to Daily Mirror, The Mrs. World Organization, said they they regretted the actions of reigning Mrs. World Caroline Jurie at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant and added they were reviewing the incident to take steps as deemed appropriate based on the outcome of their assessment.

The pageant had received widespread attention throughout the country since it was held on Sunday evening, after Jurie uncrowned the winner, Pushpika De Silva on stage and crowned the first runner up instead claiming that Pushpika was a divorcee and hence was ineligible for the crown.

“The Mrs. Sri Lanka-world Director Chandimal Jayasinghe will request Mrs. Caroline Jurie to issue a personal statement apologizing for her conduct. Let it be known, Mrs. World Inc. does not sit in moral judgment. If the delegate sent by Mrs. Sri Lanka-world to compete in the international competition is legally married she will be accepted,” the organization said.

Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World pagenat’s national director Chandimal Jayasinghe told the Daily Mirror that they suspected Jurie appeared to take out a personal vengeance on the crowned winner Pushpika, whom she initially crowned on stage but later uncrowned due to claims that she was divorced.

“There is no need to take any action against Jurie as the whole country witnessed her behaviour in disgust. We expect Mrs. World organization to take action against her. Caroline may be suffering from some mental disorder or depression, but we do not know what happened. She made a huge blunder. She is responsible for her own actions,” Chandimal said.

The Prime Minister’s wife Shiranthi Rajapaksa, former Mrs. World and Mayor of Colombo, Rosy Senanayake and Jalani Premadasa were the Chief guests who gave out the trophies and bouquets to the winner, and the first and second runner ups.

Pushpika was admitted to hospital, suffering from scalp injuries yesterday and has also lodged a police complaint against Jurie and Padmendra.

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Pushpika’s case has been fixed in court for June/july 2021 and the Mrs. World contest will be held in December 2021, according to Daily Mirror

Pushpika’s husband in a Facebook post urged people not to involve him in the incident since he had not been living with Pushpika for the past four years.

Former Mrs. World and Mayor of Colombo, Rosy Senanayake who has been a part of the Mrs. World organization for several years, last evening apologized on behalf of the Mrs. World stating that what had unfolded was unacceptable and shocking.

“This is not how women should behave. For me, I am ashamed because this is disgracing the Mrs.. World organization. It is a disgrace for all humanity to see people going to the extent of humiliating, character assassinating and plucking the crown off someone and making it look like a wrestling match. The little I saw of this, I am shocked,” Senanayake said.

Two days before the event, the organizers had included a clause that all the contestants must be well versed in English, which was then removed by Senanayake who said this went against the Mrs. World rules as contestants could speak any language. It is unclear if the clause was included by Jurie herself but some who were involved in the contest said Jurie had insisted for this clause to be included at the last moment.

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