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Video: Naufer Moulavi is mastermind behind Easter attack: Sri Lanka Minister

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekara today stated that the government has decided that Naufer Moulavi is the mastermind of the Easter Attacks of 2019, and that Moulavi was accompanied by extremist Hajjul Akbar.

He said that this decision was reached after studying the report of the Ministerial Committee appointed to review the Presidential Commission of Inquiry report on Easter Attacks 2019.


He told Parliament that it was revealed that Naufer Moulavi, who was based in Qatar, had provoked Zahran and his followers to carry out the attack by brainwashing them.

He said it was also revealed that two Sri Lankan born Australian nationals Lukman Thalib and his son Lukman Thalib Ahmed had facilitated Zahran to meet four religious extremists in the Maldives.

The Minister said according to intelligence information, these extremists had met Zahran on several occasions from 2016 till the attacks took place and added that Lukman Thalib Ahmed had facilitated the meetings in Sri Lanka.

Weerasekara also stated that they are still trying to confirm whether Sarah Jasmine is dead or not.

“Once it is confirmed, we will issue a death notice through Interpol,” he said.

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