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Sri Lanka|Restrictions placed on mosques due increase in COVID19 cases

All Muslim religious prayers conducted at mosques have been temporarily suspended.

The Department of Muslim Religious Affairs said the decision has been taken by the Wakfs Board due to the prevalent coronavirus situation in the country.

Thereby, all taraveeh /night prayers during Ramadan, Jummah prayers and congregational activities in all Mosques have been temporarily suspended.


In view of the rapid an unprecedented spread of Covid 19, on advice of the Health Authorities, the Wakfs Board of Sri Lanka, has decided to place restrictions on usage of mosques. In a statement released the following were communicated to trustees and worshippers :

  1. To temporarily suspend all congressional activities and congregational prayers including Five time Jamaat, Taraveeh and Jummah prayers in all Mosques in the Island, till further notice ;
  2. To permit only a maximum of 25 persons at any given time, only for individual prayers, in any Mosque.
  3. All the other Health/Security authority regulations and the previous Wakfs Board directions are to be very strictly followed.
  4. Accordingly, wearing face mask, maintaing 1 meter distance, carrying the own mat and taking ablution from home are compulsory.

5.All ablution areas in Mosques are to be kept closed.

  1. To keep CLOSED all Mosques in areas declared as Isolated / Restricted, till further notice.
  2. To permit the Trustees / Persons in Charge to decide to keep the Mosque Closed, if strict compliance with the above are not practical / possible.

By the Order of the Wakfs Board of Sri Lanka.

A.B.M. Ashraf
Director – Muslim Mosques and Charitable Trust and
Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs

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