Peanut seller finds fame with viral song ‘Kacha Badam’ hopes it brings due recognition: ‘I’m not just a peanut seller now’

The Bengali folk song Kacha Badam has take the internet by storm. In weeks after it first surfaced online, the song has been shared by celebs with several even performing to it on Instagram Reels as the Kacha Badam challenge.

The song was sung in the original video by Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut seller from West Bengal. In a recent interaction, Bhuban talked about his unexpected newfound fame and how he hopes to make his mark as a musician now.

Watch his story here.

Talking to ETimes, the peanut seller from Kuraljuri village in Birbhum, said, “I am so happy to see that so many important people have loved my song and want more such songs from me. I was recently in Kolkata and it was my second visit to the city. The love and praise I received brought tears to my eyes.”

Bhuban added that he is now looked at as a singer and not just a peanut seller and hopes he can secure a better future for his family through his talent now. “The best part is I am not just a peanut seller now. People see me as a musician and this is a proud moment for not just me but also for my village. I experienced so many things in the past few weeks. I must admit sometimes the attention is leaving me in awkward position. I am not used to this popularity. But I am happy and looking for a better future for my family with help of my music talent,” he added.

The song was created by Bhuban as a way of selling peanuts. He would travel to neighbourhoods, temples, and other places in his hometown, selling his ware and found that the song was a good way to attract people’s attention. The song was first uploaded to YouTube two months back, garnering over 21 million views. Over time, musician Nazmu Reachat created a remix of the song, which became popular among influencers on social media.

The peanut seller has reportedly approached the authorities to help him get his rightful dues as the creator of the song. As per reports, he will soon be making an appearance on a reality show Dadagiri Unlimited 9 alongside former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly.

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