Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka power cut to reduce to after April 2, new diesel shipment due : CEB

Sri Lanka could see the duration of power cuts reduced to lesser than four hours after April 2, as diesel shipments are due on April 2, the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) said today.

CEB Chairman MMC Ferdinando told a news conference at the Presidential Media Centre that a ship freighting furnace oil is also scheduled to arrive on April 4.

“Only two diesel power plants are in operation at the moment. The other plants could be operated after April 2. Power plants that run on furnace oil could also be operated after a shipload of furnace oil reached the country on April 4. Only the three coal power plants are operating in full capacity right now. Hence, we will be able to restrict power cut duration to lesser than four hours after April 2,” he said.

However Sri Lanka’s power minister said on Thursday that power cuts could continue into May, as many parts of the crisis-hit country currently faced up to 13 hours without electricity due to a shortage of foreign currency to import fuel.

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