Sri Lanka

World Bank, ADB to support Sri Lanka with USD 30 Mn for medicine purchases

The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have offered to provide US $30 Mn to import medicines that are in short supply in Sri Lanka according to News1st.

The Ministry of Health stated that letters of credit have been issued for the importation of medicines that are in short supply, and so far 6 types of medicines have been received.

However, the Ministry of Health stated that there is still a shortage of 42 types of medicines in the country.

Doctors across Sri Lanka say hospitals are running out of medicines and essential supplies as the country’s economic crisis worsens. They fear a health catastrophe if international help doesn’t arrive soon.

“Day by day things are running out. If we get to the point where it’s zero, then I don’t know what will happen,” Dr Gnanasekaram told BBC.

As secretary of Sri Lanka’s Association of Medical Specialists, the surgeon has been busy compiling lists of which medicines are running low at hospitals in the capital Colombo. 

“We are short of medical drugs, anaesthetic drugs, implants, suture materials. We are nearly exhausting the stock.

“Healthcare services are going to collapse unless there’s immediate relief,” he says.

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