Sri Lanka

Live: Tear Gas fired on Colombo march protesters

The police have fired tear gas and water cannons at the Inter-University Student’s Federation (IUSF) protestors at the entrance of the Bank of Ceylon Mawatha in Colombo.

It is reported that vehicular movement along the Olcott Mawatha in Colombo and nearby areas is obstructed due to the protest march.

A massive anti-government rally organized by the IUSF kicked off near the University of Kelaniya this afternoon.

Sri Lanka’s opposition parties, religious groups, civil rights activists have planned a massive march to capital Colombo on Saturday demanding President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the government to step down amidst unprecedented economic crisis and virtual lockdown of the country.

Parties representing farmers, fishermen, clergies, medical experts, civil rights groups, political groups and university dons are to march to Colombo and ride their bicycles as transportation has come to complete standstill with no fuel supply.

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