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#Nepal lawmakers elect Maoist chief as Prime Minister

Kathmandu (AFP) – Nepal’s parliament elected former guerrilla and Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal as prime minister Wednesday after his predecessor resigned following deadly unrest over a divisive new constitution.Dahal, better known by his nom de guerre Prachanda or “the fierce one”, led a decade-long Maoist insurgency before transforming the rebel movement into a political party after a 2006 peace deal.
He is now tasked with rebuilding the country after a devastating earthquake and resolving simmering unrest over a divisive new constitution adopted last September.

“I pledge that I will unite everyone in the country,” he said in an address to parliament ahead of the vote.

“I have a responsibility to solve this problem. I feel that I have been put forward as a candidate to work as a bridge between (communities),” he said.

Dahal, head of the Maoist party, ran unopposed and secured 363 out of 573 votes to become the Himalayan nation’s premier for a second time.


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