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#iPhone7 released at #AppleEvent

Apple has released completely wireless earphones, alongside the headphone jack-less iPhone 7.

Some reacted with horror, imagining just how easy it would be to lose what is essentially one tiny earphone without any wire attached at all. But others were excited by what appeared to be the first mainstream wireless headphones that genuinely didn’t have any wires at all.

The horror was perhaps the initial reaction. Popular Mechanics wrote that the wire that has been removed wasn’t actually a problem, making it far easier to lose the earphones and harder to use them.
Other new features include:

the home button can now detect how firmly it is being pressed and provide vibration-based feedback, but no longer moves into the phones

the handsets can be submerged in water up to depths of 1m (3.2ft) for 30 minutes at a time

the larger iPhone 7 Plus model gets a two-lens camera on its rear, allowing it to offer a choice of focal lengths


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