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Live Coverage of the US Election #ElectionDay


Live coverage of the events surrounding the U.S. presidential election of 2016.

The dollar plunged as Trump pulled ahead in critical battleground states

Eric Trump, the second eldest son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, briefly posted a photo of his Election Day ballot to Twitter Tuesday, showing off his vote for his father.

Someone Voted for D Trump

‘Defeat him badly’ – Sanders

Posted at 22:13

Clinton’s left-wing primaries rival Bernie Sanders has called for voters to defeat Trump “badly”. The Vermont senator said earlier it was time to “tell Donald Trump, the billionaire class and huge corporations that they are going to pay their fair share”. 

41 elections, 41 front pages

Posted at 19:26

The New York Times has published pictures of its post-election reports since 1852 (when Franklin Pierce became president, if you were wondering).

The paper’s style has changed hugely down the years, from the six columns of dense text finally making way for a map (1896), what we would recognise as a headline (1916), a headshot of the new president (1932) and eventually colour photographs (2000).

We’re willing to bet that tomorrow’s winner will make the front page… not like in 1852 and 1856, when the NYT put its tentative election reports on page 4.

Trump: ‘People are hurt’

Posted at 19:22

Mr Trump cast his vote in New York city. Speaking earlier by phone to Fox News, he said: “I see so many hopes and so many dreams out there that didn’t happen, that could have happened, with leadership, with proper leadership. And people are hurt so badly.”

Meanwhile… Barack Obama goes to play basketball with some friends. Photo Nicholas Kamm #ElectionDay 

Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband former U.S. president Bill Clinton depart after voting in the U.S. presidential election at the Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, New York, U.S., November 8, 2016.  REUTERS/Mike Segar

Speaking on Fox & Friends by phone this morning – as is his custom – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump lashed out at pollsters who show him narrowly but consistently behind Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, alleging that most polls “just put out phony numbers”:

“I do think this, after the debates, I think my numbers really started to go up well. And then I did a series over the last two weeks, only of you know, really important speeches I think. 20,000, 25,000 people, 31,000 people were showing up to these speeches.

That number is incorrect – the largest rally Trump has ever held was in Mobile, Alabama, in August 2015, attended by 30,000 people.
Trump continued:

You saw yesterday, you saw the kind of crowds we’re getting. I said something’s happening here. Something incredible is happening here. And tell you the enthusiasm and the love in those rooms, in those arenas, they’re really arenas, I mean in New Hampshire last night it was a tremendous arena, beautiful arena. And same thing, we had a big convention center last night in Michigan. But they’re packed. I mean we have thousands of people.” – The Guardian 

‘No Trump contingency plan’ – Mexico

Jonathan Josephs-BBC Business & Economics

Posted at 17:36

Mexico’s tourism minister has denied that his country has a contingency plan in case Donald Trump wins the US presidential election. Speaking to the BBC, he did express his government’s concerns about any changes to free trade that might result from the election.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have expressed concern about the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), and Mr Trump has proposed a 35% tariff on imports of Mexican goods.

  • Polls opened at 06:00 on the East Coast (11:00) GMT, though three New Hampshire villages voted soon after midnight
  • Results are expected towards midnight (05:00 GMT on Wednesday) once polls close on the West Coast
  • Campaigning ended on Monday with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump criss-crossing battleground states
  • A BBC poll of polls puts the Democratic candidate ahead by four points
  • More than 45 million early voters have already cast their ballots
“I’ll do the very best I can if I’m fortunate enough to win today” – HillaryClinton casts her ballot

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