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Sri Lankan Consul General in Jeddah passes away 

Sri Lankan Consul General in Jeddah Faizer Mackeen passed away Saturday morning at the hospital! Funeral arrangments is yet to be notified.

He hailed from Sri Lanka, Kalutara District of Panadura division in the Western Province was the former President of the Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies known as ( ALFEA) a body corporate constituted under the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Act No 21 of 1985 and its amendments. Advisory Council member of the Minister of Foreign Employment and engaged himself with National Government programmes in the development of the foreign employment industry for sustainability and transparency to bring professionalism to the foreign employment industry and still thrives hard with lots of red tapes to bring in professionalism to the foreign employment industry. He counts more than 40 years in the foreign employment industry who had brought several reforms to the industry.

He is a Legal Consultant with a MBA holder having a Gold Seal Diploma in Modern General Business Management, Diploma in Advance Accountancy and Book Keeping, Diploma in Journalism with his primary education in Sri Lanka. Currently Council Member of the United Professional Group and former Chairman of the Political and International Affairs. Presently the Consul General of the Sri Lanka Consulate General Office of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mr. Faizer Mackeen is a Migration Resource Consultant, First Editor and Publisher of the International Trade Directory of Sri Lanka and Maldives, which was distributed to Worldwide Chambers of Commerce and Trade Ministries, which is now projected to become the fisrt Sri Lanka on line trade directory with a B to B platform very soon to expose Sri Lanka to the World at large with motto ” TRADE BEYOND BORDERS WHERE EAGLES DARE TO TREAD “

He is a politician representing the United National Party and was the Opposition Leader and member of the Western Province Region Council for 16 years until 2006. He a Trustee of the Henamulla Jumma Masjid from 1983 appointed by the Department of Mosques and Muslim Charitable Trust, and Justice of the Peace appointed in 1978 at that time the youngest person appointed by the Ministry of Justice. Trustee of the Faizer Mackeen Foundation- Panadura. He is an ardent social and welfare worker.
He has an unblemished record as a businessman with wide experience in many sectors being the Chairman and Managing Director of the GETCO Group of Companies having international connections in various aspects of the trade links, while engaged in politics with the United National Party from 1971. Most and foremost engaged since 1980 in the foreign employment industry as a human resources specialist and resource person, participated in many international conferences organized by the International Labour Organizations (ILO) and the International Organization for Migrants (IOM) both are working under the umbrella of the United Nation. He had been a member of the team prepared the National Migration Policy for Sri Lanka by the ILO, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2008 and still to be implemented to bring reforms to the Industry. Many occasions in the past had been a director of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment contributing his expertise to the industry.


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