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Look ‘beyond crisis’ and look to establish new relations to replace old- UAE FM Anver Gargash 

(MDW Live) Dubai – Anver Ghargash UAE State minister for Foreign Affair today said that it was important to look ‘beyond crisis’ and look to establish new relations and in the process replace old ones.

In a series of tweets he said today that, “now that Qatar crisis has taken so long, important to look beyond “crisis” and think of it as new set of relations in Gulf replacing old ones.”
He continued “Barring Qatar’s review of past policies, current state will continue for a while. New regional relationships will emerge and strengthen. The four states emerging from crisis representing core policies of confronting extremism and terrorism and working for Arab security and stability.”

“We have to go on without Qatar; a conservative Gulf monarchy, in totally anachronistic place. Promoting policies and values it does not practice.”

Qatar said it is open to mediation to resolve the crisis that has seen a group of nearby countries move to isolate the emirate over claims it supports Islamist extremist groups.

“We are willing to sit and talk,” Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, the foreign minister, said Tuesday in an interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson.
He said the “progressive and modern” country believes in diplomacy and promoting peace in the Middle East.
“We are not a superpower here, we are not believing in solving things with confrontation,” he said.
Al-Thani insisted his country was combating terror financing and “protecting the world from potential terrorists.”
Its now more than 50 days since the four countries have isolated Qatar, with no solution yet in the horizon, analysts says this feud may last for many more months to come.

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