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Prince Charles to be next Commonwealth head

The Prince of Wales will be the next head of the Commonwealth, according to reports.

The Queen had said it was her “sincere wish” that Prince Charles would succeed her in the role “one day”.

The heir to the throne Prince Charles was given the backing of the 53 nation body as they met behind closed doors to discuss the move today.

The Queen has filled the role since 1952 – but the position is not automatically gven to the monarch.

There had been suggestions the role should rotate around member states as it would be mre “democratic”.

The heir to the throne is set to be formally named as the Queen’s successor today after she gave him her endorsement.

The non-hereditary role would not have automatically passed to Prince Charles, with some suggestions it might rotate among the 53 leaders.

Prime Minister Theresa May and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had earlier given their backing to Prince Charles.

The meeting during a two-day summit involved 46 heads of Commonwealth governments and foreign ministers from the remaining seven countries.

The Commonwealth represents about 2.4bn people, but critics say the organisation is so disparate that it struggles to know what it is for.


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