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#Bahrain lady prosecuted after damaging statues – “Destroying religious symbols is not part of nature of the Bahraini people”- Royal adviser

Bahraini police said Sunday they had taken legal steps against a woman who destroyed Hindu religious statues inside a shop. The woman appeared in a viral video destroying Ganesha idols inside a souvenir store in Manama’s area of Juffair, saying Bahrain is a Muslim country.

“The Capital Police took legal steps against a woman, 54, for damaging a shop in Juffair and defaming a sect and its rituals, in order to refer her to the Public Prosecution,” the police said on its Twitter account.

Many Muslims on social media condemned the act commenting it was ironical as to how the lady herself was dressed in clothes printed with statutes but yet went on to preach religion.

A senior Bahraini official condemned the act, calling it a “hate crime”.

“Destroying religious symbols is not part of nature of the Bahraini people,” royal adviser Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said. “It’s a crime that exposes alien and rejected hate,” he added in a tweet.

In a video clip, a woman appeared smashing and destroying Hindu statues in a shop in Bahrain, saying that “this is a Muslim country, and these figures are disbelief.”

According to the video circulating, the woman addressed a worker in the shop, saying, “This is Deira Hamad bin Isa,” referring to the King of Bahrain, adding, “Will Hamad bin Isa agree with this?”.

Regarding this, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior account confirmed on “Twitter,” that “police Manama The woman was summoned for investigation after deliberately destroying and destroying some of the contents of a commercial store and destroying objects belonging to one of the religions.

Foreigners account for over half of Bahrain’s total population of 1.7 million.

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