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SriLanka: Islandwide power outage due to issue at Sub-station, Minister promises restoration in hours, to probe breakdown

The electric supply to the whole of Sri Lanka was disrupted thus morning following a technical issue in the transmission system, the Ministry of Power has announced. The technical issue at Kerawalapitiya Grid Sub-station has caused a power cut for the entire island.

The power station, which is also known as Yugadanavi, is located in the western province of Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) is scrambling to restore power to the country, and was hoping to do so within two hours. However after more than 5 hours, the country was still continuing with the outage. Restoration of electricity to entire island to take a few more hours. Committee appointed to probe breakdown in power supply as per Minister Dullas Alahapperuma.

The power outage has cause severe traffic congestion in Colombo, the capital, due to traffic lights being down. 

The power cut has also affected the water supply to several areas in Colombo which could only be restored after 3-5 hours after electricity is restored.

Power and Energy Ministry spokesman Sulakshana Jayawardena said that steps will be taken to restore power as soon as possible.

Electricity has been restored to some parts of the southern province and Kotmale area at about 4.50pm local time. 

Steps are being taken to ensure electricity is restored to the whole country.

People took to Twitter to write how the power outage was affecting them, with some noting they could no longer work from home and others stating it had disrupted their cooking.

Many are furious their electricity has not yet been turned back on.

One person said: “Are we living in the Stone Age? It amazes me that the power outage has not yet been repaired.

Construction of the Kerawalapitiya power station began in November 2007 and progressed in two phases.

The first completed in just 10 months, while the second phase concluded in February 2010.

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