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Sri Lanka gov yet to make decision to allow burial of deceased victims of COVID 19

Ministry of Health says government has taken no decision to allow burials of deceased victims of COVID 19.

Ministry spokesman Dr Jayaruwan Bandara told that there is no change in the current procedure of cremation of dead bodies related to COVID 19.

Dr Bandara said that decision to cremate all dead bodies related to COVID 19 was taken by the Director General of Health on scientific and technical reasons both related to the pandemic as well as the soil in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Thwaheed Jamaath (CTJ) thanked President Gotabaya Rajapaksa last night for allowing the burials of deceased COVID-19 victims of Islamic faith. Several other Muslim community leaders and groups also appreciated the move.

However, it is understood that the president has instructed relevant authorities to examine burials of COVID 19 dead bodies in a pre demarcated area in Mannar, though the final decision has not been made.

Muslim community in Sri Lanka is in a grave concern over the issue as most countries in the world allowed options of burials and creamation for deceased due to the pandemic.

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