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Sri Lanka health ministry insists cremation still the only policy for COVID19 victims; refrain from making fake news

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health insists all COVID19 victims are cremated as per the expert advices ministry has received so far and requests all parties to refrain from making fake news for political reasons.

In a statement, the ministry said it has noted that fake news are being created in related to COVID 19 deaths pointing out that certain websites and politicians are making false statement related to the issue.

The ministry says all COVID 19 dead bodies will be cremated and all parties must refrain from making false statements and creating fake news.

Muslim and Christian families in Sri Lanka whose relatives were cremated during the coronavirus pandemic in violation of their religious beliefs say they have been denied justice after the supreme court threw out their case recently.

Sri Lanka’s mandatory cremation policy for all bodies suspected to be infected with Covid-19 has been the cause of outrage and trauma for the majority-Buddhist country’s Muslim and Christian minorities, whose beliefs stipulate bodies should be buried.

Much attention was drawn into the issue recently with protests held in many countries including in the UK, the US with many international media also reporting the controversy.

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