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WATCH: Hundreds of Afghan refugees packed in Qatar camp after Kabul escape

August 20 – Afghan refugees have been making a desperate bid to escape the Taliban rule over the week. A new video has surfaced showing hundreds of refugees packed in a camp in Qatar, possibly a hangar, in deplorable conditions, IndiaToday reports.

Hundreds of people boarded a US Air Force C-17 aircraft on Sunday as it left Kabul.

Some 640 people were onboard the aircraft, far more than its listed capacity.

Scores of Afghans, who had been cleared to evacuate, managed to get onto the aircraft’s half-open ramp. Instead of forcing them off, the crew decided to take-off. 

The video shared by Afghan news agency Asvaka shows hundreds of men and women living inside the refugee camp in Qatar where they have only one toilet. It could not be ascertained that air conditioning system was adequate in the high-temperature conditions of Qatar.

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