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BP says nearly a third of its UK service stations are out of fuel

BRIGHTON, England, Sept 26 (Reuters) – BP said nearly a third of its British service stations had run out of the two main types of fuel on Sunday, as panic continued between government calls for drivers to behave. usually insisting that there is no fundamental shortage.

In front of the gas stations there were long lines of cars for the third day in a row, as motorists waited – some for hours – to refuel after oil companies reported that a lack of drivers was causing transportation problems from the refineries.

Some operators have had to ration supplies and others have had to close gas stations.

Drivers queue to enter a fuel station in London, Britain, September 25, 2021. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls REUTERS

“Given the intense demand observed in the last two days, we estimate that about 30% of the sites in this network currently do not have any of the main fuel grades,” BP, which operates 1,200 refueling points in the United Kingdom, said in a statement. United. “We are working to resupply ourselves as quickly as possible.”

The fuel panic comes at a time when the UK is facing several crises: a rise in the international price of gas that is forcing the closure of energy companies, a related shortage of carbon dioxide that threatens to affect meat production and a lack of truck drivers that is wreaking havoc on retailers and leaving some empty shelves.

Anglo-Dutch oil group Shell said it saw increased demand at its British gas stations since Friday, causing a supply shortage of some grades of fuel. “We are replenishing them quickly, generally within 24 hours,” he said in a statement.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps called for calm, saying the shortage is solely due to panic buying and that the situation will eventually resolve itself as fuel cannot be stored.

“There is a lot of fuel, there is no shortage of fuel in the country,” Shapps told Sky News. “The most important thing is that people continue as they normally would and fill their cars when they normally would, then there will be no queues and there will be no shortage at the pump.

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