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Prices shoot up after Sri Lanka gov allow currency float

(Colombo, Sri Lanka) Prices of goods in Sri Lanka were increased with effect on Friday (10), after the government allowed the currency to float.

The All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association said thereby, the price of a loaf of bread has been increased by between Rs. 20-30.

The Association further said that the price of a sweet bun has been increased by Rs. 10. 

The All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association added that the price increase will be implemented from midnight today.

Meanwhile, the All Ceylon Restaurant Owners’ Association has also announced an increase in the price of various products. 

The Association said that the price of a rice packet has been increased by Rs. 20.

Here’s a list of what was increased on Friday:

1. Fuel Prices: Lanka IOC raised petrol and diesel prices by Rs. 50/- and Rs. 75/-, respectively.

Octane 92 rose by 24.5% to a record Rs. 254/- a liter while diesel soared 54% to Rs. 214/-

2. Bread Price: All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association increased the price of a loaf of bread by Rs. 30/-. The new price will be between Rs. 110/- and Rs. 130/-.

3. Wheat Flour Price: PRIMA said that One kilogram of Wheat Flour was increased by a price between Rs. 35/- to Rs.45/-.

4. Three Wheeler Fares : Three-wheelers drivers want to increase the base fare for the first kilometer to Rs. 80/-.

5. Rice Pack / Kottu / Short-eats : The Price of a rice packet will go up by Rs. 20/-, Kottu up by Rs. 10/-, and Short Eats by up by Rs 5/-.

6. Airline Tickets : The price of airline tickets has increased by 27%, said Sri Lanka’s Civil Aviation Authority.

7. The Ceylon Cellular Vendors Association states that due to the increase of the US dollar, the price of phones and accessories will be increased by 30%.

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