Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Parliament time distracted over unnecessary debates

As Sri Lanka’s parliament convened on Wednesday for yet another crucial session with the country grappling with protests and mounting demands for the president’s resignation over a worsening economic crisis, observers noted that time was wasted by MPs debating on insignificant matters rather than the pressing issues.

Most of the pre lunch session debates were dominated by Minister Johnson Fernando wanting answers from JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s altercation with protesters yesterday as he left the Parliament early amidst an important all party leaders meeting.

It was seen a person in helmet entering from the rear door of the vehicle as Mr Kumara spoke to protesters and Mr Johnson wanting answers as to who that was and why he was seen as part of the protesters.

The leader of JVP later responded saying that it was an JVP activist who also was aiding with security.

With the public tuning in to watch the proceedings in numbers noted the waste of time the MPs were spending on when more pressing issues were completely ignored.

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