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Mutaz Barshim wins first ever silver Olympic medal for #Qatar #doha

Qatari high-jumper Mutaz Barshim has won a first ever silver medal at the Rio Olympics just a while ago.
After competing with Canadian Derek Drouin during several jumps, the 25-year-old Qatari lost the gold after failing to clear 2.38m three times.He was still be guaranteed a medal after jumping 2.36m.

Barshim had won bronze in the London Olympics four years ago by jumping 2.29m, and also gold at the 2014 World Indoor Championships.

Drouin from Canada won the gold while  Bohdan Bondarenko from Ukraine got the bronze for jumping 2.33m.
Qatar has only won four bronze medals since it began participating in the Olympics, so this was the first silver medal in its history.
Barshim being a “homegrown” Qatari, compared to the 23 out of 38 other athletes who are recruited from other countries, this achievement would be particularly pleasing
Barshim’s win is also the first Qatar has claimed since the Rio Olympics began. Elsewhere, the nation’s handball team will compete in the quarter-finals tonight against Germany.

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