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Situation Report Updated (as of 6th March 2018): Sri Lanka government declares State of Emergency

Anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka: Rolling News Wire

6th March 2018:

3.35PM: Muslim MPs staged a protest in parliament to condemn the attack against the Muslim community in several parts of the island.

3.30PM: Groups of unruly persons are seen marching across the town of Mahiyanganaya, threatening muslim shop keepers to leave the immediately ‘if not their properties will be destroyed’.

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2.30 PM:  The President Media Divison tweeted that the “President promulgated a State Emergency a short while ago to redress the unsatisfactory security situation prevailing in certain parts of the country. The Police & Armed Forces have been suitably empowered to deal with criminal elements in the society & urgently restore normalcy.” Ealier there was confusion whether SoE was declared with the PM apprantly saying “it will be used only if needed”.

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12.45 PM: Sri Lanka government declares State of Emergency islandwide for 10 days to maintain law and order: according to Minister S.B. Dissanayake

12.50 PM: Minister Rauff Hakeem requests in Parliament to appoint a Presidential commission to investigate recent incidents in Ampara & Theldeniya.

11.20 AM:

  • Gazette on imposing emergency law due to be released by President.
  • Meanwhile, a special meeting called in DS office at 4 pm.
  • A CID team sent to on the instructions of the IGP

11.15 AM: 24 persons arrested for unruly behaviour in Teldeniya & Digana areas remanded till 19 March – Police Spokesman

10 AM: Gnanasara thero condemns recent communal violence: “You cannot find solutions to problems emotionally, violently or rioting,” said Gnanasara thero of BBS condemning the recent communal violence. “Prime Minister and police should take the full responsibility of the recent violence added the thero.

Gnanasara thero says “they changed their way of handling issues with the maturity and experience. Hatred is not the answer and needs a discussion forum to sort issues.”

Gnanasara thero of BBS ( File Photo)

8.30 AM: Body of a 27 year old young man found inside a burnt house in digana, magistrate inquiry underway

7AM: Police curfew re-imposed for the Teldeniya and Pallekele areas with immediate effect until 6 pm today hours after it was lifted- Police

6AM:  Police curfew lifted in Kandy administrative district.However STF/Military protection to the area will continue to remain

5th March 2018

5.35pm Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says all government schools in Kandy administrative district will be closed tomorrow (06)

5.15 PM:  President instructs police to conduct an impartial, independent investigation into the incident in Digana – Kandy: PMD

4 PM: Police curfew declared in Kandy district

A police curfew was declared in the Kandy administrative district today following clashes between two groups in the Digana area, Police said;

The curfew will be effective until 6.00 a.m. Tuesday.

Police said  mobs had attacked shops in the Digana town prompting a curfew.

Police sources said that though tension had been rising in the area for the past week senior police officers based in Kandy had failed to take action by deploying additional personnel in the area in the past few days.

Reports in the area said though the incidents were reported only in Digana, the curfew was clamped in the district to prevent any further incidents.

Meanwhile Police used tear gas on a mob which gathered around the Theldeniya police station.

Last week an employee of a private company was assaulted by a group of men from the area following a dispute over a traffic accident.

The victim, M.G.Kumarasinghe succumbed to his injuries at the Kandy hospital and his funeral was due to take place today evening.

He was a resident of Medamahanuwara and those in his community had claimed that the police had failed to apprehend all persons involved in the attack against the resident.

However, police said they arrested some of the suspects and took a three-wheeler into custody.

Police have now called in the STF into the area.

1 PM:  Police used teargas to disperse two groups of people who clashed in Digana over a death of a 41-year-old man a short while ago, Police said.

Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said a group of people had attacked several shops in Digana alleging that a man was assaulted to death.

M.G. Kumarasinghe, a resident of Ambala in Medamahanuwara had been attacked by a group of people in Teldeniya Town over an incident involving two vehicles several days ago.

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