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China responds to concerns on Sri Lankan flag doormats; Amazon withdraws adverts

It is China’s consistent stand that the national flag is a country’s symbol that must be fully respected, the Chinese Embassy in Colombo stressed in a statement published on Friday (March 12).

Carpets and footwear displaying the Sri Lankan national flag had been made available for sale on Amazon, one of the world’s leading online consumer goods retailers.

The ‘Sri Lanka Flag Non-Slip Doormat’ had been priced at USD 12 close to Rs. 2,400, while the slippers made using the Sri Lankan national flag, were also on sale on several websites including Amazon.

Foreign Secretary Admiral (Retired) Prof. Jayanath Colombage had later informed the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing to contact the manufacturer concerned in China.

In response, the Embassy said it is “aware of some concerns about inappropriate advertising of Sri Lanka national flag on Amazon, which has been conveyed to the related Chinese authorities for investigation and necessary measures accordingly.”

It is also learned that thousands of similar products with flags of various nations, manufactured by sellers from different countries, are available on this global online retailer, for which Sri Lankan side is approaching the platform for direct action, the statement read further.

“The Embassy would like to emphasize that as an all-weather friend and a closest partner, China has been respecting and supporting Sri Lankan for its peace, prosperity and dignity for decades, no matter in bilateral fields or international fora.”

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing, immediately upon being notified of the incident, had requested the Foreign Affairs Ministry of China to take necessary action to stop the production of doormats and any such products that misuse the Sri Lanka flag.

The Embassy had then requested the company which marketed the product on Amazon to immediately cease selling the doormats and any such products, misusing the island nation’s flag.

The advertisement has since been removed from Amazon, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said in its media release issued today.

The Embassy is closely monitoring this matter and will take appropriate action through the relevant authorities in China to stop the production and selling of any product with the image of Sri Lanka the flag, it read further.

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