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BPL 2022: WATCH Andre Russell run out as direct hit incredibly ricochets from one set of stumps to the other

A bemused Andre Russell was run out in freak fashion in Minister Group Dhaka’s game against Khulna Tigers, when the fielder’s throw from short-third man incredibly deflected from one set of stumps to the other.

On BPL 2022’s opening day, Russell, having just deposited a six over midwicket, tried to work the ball into the third-man region and take a single off Thisara Perera. Mahedi Hasan, positioned at short-third, fielded and fired a throw in towards the striker’s end, where Mahmudullah was headed. The throw was on target, breaking the stumps, before things took a turn for the more bizarre: the ball then ricocheted down the pitch and straight on to the stumps at the non-striker’s end in a bit of perfect but mind-bending geometry. Russell was ambling to his crease at this point, expecting the throw to arrive (only) at the striker’s end.

Dhaka appealed for both run-outs, and while Mahmudullah was safe, Russell wasn’t.

According to the Laws of Cricket, the ball was not dead after hitting the first set of stumps, as, in this instance, it would only be dead when the batter was dismissed.

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