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Former Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga proposes roadmap to break political impasse

Former Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga has proposed a roadmap to break the political impasse which includes setting up of an interim Government for a maximum six months with the Prime Minister as Head of Government elected from among the Members of Parliament as a way to overcome the current political impasse in the country, according to Daily FT.

The proposal was made public by Kumaratunga in a letter saying: “We cannot disregard our responsibility to actively join together to seek solutions and bring the country back to normalcy as early as possible.” Key proposals include:

  • Recommends setting up of interim Govt. for maximum of six months
  • New PM to be elected from Parliament to function as head of Govt.
  • Interim Govt. to bring constitutional amendments to abolish Executive Presidency
  • Proposes setting up of 101-member Council of State for National Policy
  • Says proposal offers middle ground between public and concerns of politicians

In the letter, the former President said she had engaged in many dialogues and discussions and after much reflection, came up with a proposal that attempts to take into consideration the strident demands of the young people and adults at Galle Face and all over the country in addition to the concerns and ideas excessed by senior political leaders, as well as leaders of numerous sectors of society.

The proposal includes restricting the Cabinet to 12 with its members to be appointed from amongst those in the current Parliament.

The interim Government will be tasked with bringing constitutional amendments to abolish the office of the President and replace it with a Head of State who will be a nominal President.

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